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       Testimonials From Parents

        "Your clinic is definitely needed in today’s basketball and our girls responded very well
        to the One Motion Technique. One parent told me his daughter’s shot is now
        smoother and softer and he would like for you to work with her once or twice a year.
        We will continue to encourage the girls to practice your technique because that is what
        it takes, practice, practice, and practice."

        Melissa Kellermeier
        Wall, Texas

        "Rick Penny has worked with all three of my children.  He taught them techniques that
        improved their shot immensely.  He corrects slight errors in their shot that make big
        differences in their ability to score.  The beauty of his technique is a smooth
        consistent stroke that gets off quick enough to avoid being blocked.  His quiet,
        patient teaching style improved my children's game, by improving their skill and
        confidence.  They are now more confident about taking shots in games.  Confidence
        equals success.  I recommend Coach Penny's shooting lessons to anyone who wants
        to improve their basketball game."                                                                
        Nancy Oliver                                                                
        San Saba, TX   

        "Coach Penny does a great job!  He works really well with the kids.  I would definitely
        recommend him to anybody that needs confidence in their shot.  
        Even Tim Duncan!!!!"                                                                
        Jason Jacoby                                                                
        Melvin, TX        

        "Sending my daughter and son to Coach Penny to help with their shooting was and is
        the best thing we did for both of them.  They became more confident and their
        shooting percentage improved."                                                                
        Bruce Hirt                                                                
        Brady, TX   

        "Our daughter, Kristyn, had lessons with Coach Penny and it was amazing to see the
        change in her shooting since learning the One Motion Shooting Technique.  Her
        shooting percentage shot up tremendously as well as her confidence on the court.  He
        has an amazing teaching ability that shows results in such a short amount of time.  
        Several of our friends have used Coach Penny with their kids…all got the same
        results.  We highly recommend Coach Penny and his One Motion Shooting
        Randal and Melissa Jacoby                                                                
        Melvin, TX
      "Our daughter has worked with Rick since the 7th grade.  As a junior at Wall
      H.S., she is experiencing great success from the One Motion Shooting  
        Technique.  She grew six inches in two years and needed Rick to fine tune her
        form.  In a few minutes he can get her shooting back on track.  
        It is amazing to watch the transformation and really fun to see all her shots
        go in."                                      
        Sharla Adam                                                                
        Wall, Tx                                                                
              "This technique is fantastic.  It takes out extra, unnecessary motion, and
      smooths the shot.  The "touch" becomes really soft and when players hit the
      rim, it falls in.  Rick is an incredible coach: positive, supportive, and more
      importantly helps the players achieve results.  Thanks Rick."

      Paul Adam                                                                
      San Angelo, TX


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